Meet the Founders:

Sinaya Khan- Mother of two and now a third, The Backyard. Sinaya loves the outdoors, a nice cup of coffee, and a good book to curl up with.

Imran Khan- Hones many hats, but his educational background in sustainable development and his love for nature and the outdoors is what drew him to create The Backyard.

There’s a great difference in the way we spent our childhood, playing outside, as compared to the way children play today. The pandemic has confined children to the safety of their homes, not letting them explore the possibilities of learning through play.

We believe playing in an open space devoid of guidelines allows children’s imaginations to flourish. In our experience, open-ended play aids a child’s motor and spatial skills, builds confidence and ingenuity. Children learn through experiences, and a desire to share those experiences with other families is how The Backyard was born.


At the Yard, we encourage children to interpret the world through free play. As they explore our indoor and outdoor play areas, it stimulates their imagination and fosters creativity through play, all in a safe and fun environment


Catch up with your
friends or have a date
with your little one


Furry residents of the
Yard are always excited
to meet you.


Play without any rules
in our indoor and
outdoor spaces.